Who is Carol Core anyway?

Carol is the #1 Surfer Chick riding the Silver Tsunami and an expert in “everything elder.”  She is a speaker, award-winning author, humorist and expert in strategic finance, and she understands how to successfully ride the “Senior” wave.


For twelve years Carol was the family caregiver for elderly Mom, Dad and uncle, working fulltime in finance while fulfilling her roles as wife, mother and grandmother, all while managing the care, health, finances and safety of three elderly people.  Over the years, Core learned every aspect of eldercare and leveraged personal expertise and knowledge to write her first book 50 Sanity Saving Tips for Caregivers: You don’t have to kill yourself to keep them alive.


As with millions of caregivers, the toll on Carol’s job, relationships, health and finances was staggering. She nearly drowned but her unstoppable energy, positive attitude and crazy sense of humor kept her afloat to rally again for the next chapter – the “retirement” years.


Now beyond caregiving, Core takes on the biggest wave of “Seasoned Citizens” in history. Determined to expose multiple generations to the magnitude and impact of this wave, Core uses a light-hearted approach and her 30 years of professional experience in the areas of Real Estate, finance, marketing and sales to arm audiences with clear, concise and particle knowledge for riding and profiting from the Silver Tsunami. 


Most likely on the committee that coined the phrase “Question Authority,” Carol is a “glass half full” kind of girl and considers herself a self-made extrovert. Carol is married to Mark and has three adult children. She adores her grandchildren and is the super fun grandma, building tents in the living room.  Carol’s mantra is “I will never be old enough to know better” and her workout of choice is trampolining.

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